Nathan Campbell

Nathan Campbell, RKin, CAT(C), MSc
Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Athletic Therapist

Nathan is a Certified Athletic Therapist and has been with GRSM since March 2007. His role at GRSM includes Athletic Therapy, Orthopaedic Bracing and High Performance Training. Nathan is a graduate of the University of Waterloo Kinesiology Program, the Athletic Therapy Program at Sheridan College and has recently completed his Masters in Biomechanics and Neuroscience from the University of Guelph.

Nathan has been practicing as an Athletic Therapist since 2003 gaining experience working with a variety of sports including rugby, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, football, basketball and hockey. Nathan has worked at a variety of sports medicine clinics and fitness facilities throughout his career to date including the University of Maryland, Sheridan College ATC, Xcel Fitness and currently GRSM. Nathan also spends some of his time as a part time Professor at Humber College teaching in the Athletic Therapy Applied Bachelor of Science program .

A special area of interest of Nathan’s is Concussion education in youth sports. Nathan has presented numerous seminars to a variety of audiences on the topic of concussion education and prevention, including school and community sports organizations.

As an Athletic Therapist one of Nathan’s specialties is concussion prevention and treatment. Nathan is passionate about the active rehabilitation of sports-related injuries and in High Performance Athletic Development.

“Play safe, and be able to play harder.”

Nathan Campbell GRSM Cambridge Athletic Therapist

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