Dynamic Warm-up
for Soccer Players and Athletes

Soccer Dynamic Warm-up prepared by: Anna Leuenberger, 4th Year Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

Dynamic warm-ups are used to help mitigate the risk of injuries acquired during physical activity. This is achieved by preparing athletes to work at a high intensity. A dynamic warm up typically consists of exercises designed to raise heart rate, activate/mobilize key muscle group and joints, while practicing sport specific movements.

The goal of a dynamic warm-up it to prepare an athlete mentally and physically. Mentally the athlete can use this time, while executing simple exercises, to get in the mindset required to work at a high intensity. Physically, the athlete’s heart rate and breathing rate increases, allowing oxygen to be delivered to working muscles at the required rate to perform.

GRSM has developed a 10 minute dynamic warm up, intended for soccers players. This warm up can be completed before practice sessions and games. Equipment required includes 8-12 cones, depending on the number of athletes (see setup on page 3). Examples of movement included in this warm up are: cutting/changing direction, sprinting, as well as jumping and changing direction.


GRSM recommends having good health and physical fitness prior to completing this exercise program. When engaging in exercise it is important to note there is a risk of injury. If you choose to complete this program, you agree to do so at your own risk and release GRSM from the responsibility of any incidence of injury.

Forward Jog ---> Backward Jog

Repetitions: 2
Starting position: Base position
Jog forward to cone 4.
Go around cone 4 and jog backwards to cone 1.
Repetitions: 2 Starting position: Base position, right shoulder leading Shuffle to cone 4 leading with the right shoulder. Go around cone 4. Facing the same direction, shuffle back to cone 1 (leading with the left shoulder) Repeat
Shuffle Right ---> Shuffle Left
Karaoke Right ---> Karaoke Left
Karaoke with high knees right ---> left
Forward A-Skip ---> Backward A-Skip
Lateral A-Skip Right ---> Lateral A-Skip Left
Open Gate ---> Closed Gate
Forward Lunge ---> Lateral Lunge
Forward Lunge ---> Skater Hops
Forward-Backward to sprint
Shuffle to Sprint (right and left)
Tuck Jump to sprint
Single leg hops to sprint
Half Kneeling to sprint

Downloadable PDF of Dynamic Warm-up for soccer

YouTube link coming soon.

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