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Our video analysis program is conducted by Registered Physiotherapists & Chiropractors. We have comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, and are able to break down the phases of movement to identify potential problems with your mechanics.  When we analyze movements in real time, the movements are too quick for us to break down the various phases with the naked eye. By videotaping and then looking at the movement in slow motion or frame by frame, we can make a more specific and thorough analysis of the technique.  By correlating the results of a physical examination with those of the video analysis, we can identify the true cause of your problem and design an effective treatment program.
Faulty movement patterns and poor technique can result in a wide assortment of injuries.  At GRSM, common problems that we see include knee pain in runners, elbow and shoulder pain in throwers, and low back pain in golfers.
During a video analysis assessment at GRSM, you can expect us to:

  • discuss your health and injury history thoroughly
  • conduct a physical examination including assessment of current injuries and overall body biomechanics, muscle strength/weakness/tightness and posture
  • complete a video analysis of your movement pattern of concern (running/walking/throwing etc.)
  • recommend footwear (running shoes, dress shoes etc.) when appropriate
  • recommend specific exercises to address the issues identified during the physical examination and video analysis
  • provide an individualized treatment plan and make the necessary medical and therapeutic referrals to help you reach your rehabilitation goals
  • provide ongoing care or follow-up as necessary

The visual feedback from the video analysis can also motivate and enlighten you. Most people have never watched themselves move and often don’t believe it when they are told they can actually improve upon their technique!   When you see yourself on video:

  • you become educated on how you move
  • you realize the importance of your exercise and rehabilitation program
  • you increase your motivation to perfect your technique.

What to bring to your appointment:
For running analysis, please bring a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and running shoes.  It would also be helpful to bring your most recent pair of old running shoes so we can look at the wear pattern etc.
For all other movement analyses, please bring a t-shirt or tank top, shorts and athletic shoes

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