Priya Chandra-Ali

Priya Chandra-Ali
Registered Physiotherapist

Priya joined GRSM in June 2020. She completed her Bachelors in Health Studies from the University of Waterloo in 2012. In 2016 she successfully completed her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario. Priya has experience in both hospital and manufacturing environments; with her main focus in orthopaedics. She uses McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) system which is a scientifically proven assessment system to treat you neck, back, and extremity problems. She believes in empowering her patients and uses an exercise based treatment strategy to help take control of your pain and get back to what you love doing. She is currently working towards getting her credentials in the MDT system.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking, looking after her toddler and spend time with family and friends.

Priya Chandra Physiotherapist Kitchener

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Physicians at GRSM specialize in sports medicine and are certified with the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine (CASM) . Our physicians provide expert medical care for both high performance athletes, recreational athletes and active individuals.


Physiotherapy at GRSM focuses on sport- and activity-specific rehabilitation. Our goal is to return you to your activity as soon and as safely as possible.


Active Release Therapy is a patented, state-of-the-art massage technique. The technique is soft tissue system/movement-based and treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.


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Most foot problems are avoidable with proper preventative foot care and maintenance. Our goal at Feet on the Go is to provide the highest quality nursing foot care as a first line of defense against those foot issues that can detrimentally affect overall health and quality of life.

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