Modulating Pain When Running

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Written by: David Burnett, Registered Physiotherapist, BScH, MScPT 

Check the video for a comprehensive chat with GRSM Physiotherapist Jason Smith about why pain occurs at our distal interphalangeal (D.I.P) joints, and what we can do about it!

1. Manage acute and cumulative loads in the 1/2 crimp position.

2. Warm-up the joints by progressively increasing load in the 1/2 crimp position on small holds. See @c4hp for more info on using recruitment pulls.

3. Hangboard! Consider Eva Lopez-Rivera’s minimum edge protocol as outlined at Eric Horsts’ @training4climbing
Website training for

4. Consider taping and open hand climbing to help reduce the load short term.

David Burnett GRSM Kitchener-South Physiotherapist
David Burnett, BScH, MScPT
Registered Physiotherapist

David joined GRSM in July 2016. He graduated with his MScPT from Leeds Beckett University and BSc Biomedical Sciences from the University of Waterloo, while playing for the Warriors Men’s basketball team.

David has completed his level 3 FCAMPT training and is also certified in Integrative Dry Needling, which is used to release muscular restrictions throughout the body.

David enjoys working with high level athletes from all sports. In particular, he has extensive experience training and rehabilitating basketball athletes.

He also specializes in comprehensive gait analysis for both experienced and inexperienced runners. He has completed several courses including Tom Groom’s in depth Running Repairs.

David played semi-professional basketball in Nairobi, Kenya after University and previously worked as a Sport and Fitness Director in Sydney, Australia. In his free time, David enjoys keeping active outdoors, going to the gym, and playing any and all sports.

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