Dealing With Sciatic Nerve Pain?

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Written by: Sasha Guay, Registered Physiotherapist, MSc(PT)

Nerve pain (burning, tingling, numbness, etc) down the back of your leg can be due to altered neurodynamics of the sciatic nerve. This large nerve (the width of your thumb!!) runs from the glute and down the back of the thigh and can have difficulty gliding up and down with movement which can cause this nerve pain.

Here are two tests you can do to see if this pain you have is due to sciatic nerve tension. The 3 videos following are “flossing” techniques to mobilize the nerve. Perform 15 reps of these 5 times a day. Make sure you are not pushing into increasing pain. The pain/tension should decrease with increasing reps.

*note: the tensioner technique is the most aggressive and should be attempted once the others are no longer as effective

Sasha Guay GRSM physiotherapist kitchener
Sasha Guay, MSc(PT)
Registered Physiotherapist

Sasha joined the GRSM team in May 2019. She completed her Sports Physiotherapy Fellowship at the University of Guelph, following her Masters in Physiotherapy at Queen’s. She is in the process of completing her manual therapy levels and is looking forward to obtaining her acupuncture certification. She is passionate about working with athletes and has enjoyed working with a Minor Midget AAA hockey team, varsity lacrosse at the University of Guelph and Western, as well as rugby clubs at International events. She’s excited to work in the GRSM atmosphere, as she comes from a background of sport herself. She played varsity rugby at the University of Western Ontario while completing her undergrad in Kinesiology. She has competed in a variety of other sports, such as hockey, soccer and field hockey. Passions outside of physiotherapy include hiking, spending time with her friends, family and dog, cooking and interval training.

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