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  1. Hi,
    Checked on the OSSUR site and they say they allow a person to try for 30 days and if not satisfied one can return the product. Is this actually the case? Most places want to custom make a brace, charge you for it and then one doesn’t even know if it will help. I would be willing to try one to see if this is a solution for me.

    1. Chelsea Salfarlie

      Hi! Thank you for your inquiry. Our bracing professionals work with you until your brace fits correctly. Our process is quite thorough in measuring the area for your custom brace with adjustments and fittings afterwards. If there were any issues with your brace we would be happy to assist in adjusting it as needed, sending it back to the supplier for adjustments, etc. Unfortunately, we do not refund custom braces, since they are made specifically for you. However, we do our absolute best to ensure that you do not need to return a custom brace. If you have additional questions, please call our Cambridge (519-622-4529) or Kitchener-South (519-571-7111) locations which have bracing professionals on site that can further assist you with any inquiries.

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