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a man using an exercise ball for hamstring rehab

Hamstring Rehab

No access to a commercial gym? No problem! We can make it work! Check out this strength progression for hamstring rehab on a exercise ball ...
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When & How Should I be Stretching?

Knowing when and what type of stretching to do is sometimes difficult. Check out this guide to learn how and when you should be doing ...
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Do You Have Tennis Elbow?

You experiencing pain on the outer part of your elbow? Registered physiotherapist Sasha Guay demonstrates a few simple tests to asses if you have lateral ...
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Biking Season Is Here!

Biking season is finally here! Our team have put together a few tips, tricks and benefits so that you kick off the season right!
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Warm up Ideas

Warm-Up Ideas

Looking for a few ways to getting your body warm before physical activity? Check out these ideas from Registered Physiotherapist Sasha Guay!
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Tendon Gliding

Tendon gliding is designed to slowly slide our tendons through our carpal tunnel, like pieces of floss through teeth. This quick tip takes you through ...
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7 Must Have Ingredients For Your Trail Mix

Registered Dietitian Stephanie Boville shows 7 must have ingredients for your trail mix that can increase your energy intake for athletes looking to gain weight!
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Dealing With Neck Stiffness?

Dealing with neck stiffness? Registered Physiotherapist Sasha Guay takes you through SNAGs to improve your neck mobility.
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Overhead Squats

Check out this quick tip on how training overhead squats can offer a direct performance benefit for your back squat.
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Golf Season Is Here! Is Your Upper Back Ready?

With golf season here. Physiotherapist Sasha takes you though various mobility drills that you can do to ensure your upper back is ready for the ...
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Young woman squatting outdoors

Is Ankle Mobility Impairing Your Squat?

Is your ankle mobility keeping you from squatting deeper? Registered Physiotherapist Sasha Guay demonstrated how you can test your ankle mobility and how to can ...
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Young man running

Modulating Pain When Running

How does your running cadence effect your health? Registered Physiotherapist David Burnett shares some insight into his approach for modifying Running Cadence (steps / min).
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young woman preforming a pullup

3 Varieties of Pull-Ups

Different types of pullups work different muscle groups. In this quick tip Registered Physiotherapist Jason Smith shares 3 pull-up varieties and which one is best ...
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Cervicogenic Headaches

Working from has been very popular lately but many people don't have an ideal ergonomic desk setup. This can lead to poor motor control and ...
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Core Strength Isometrics

Looking to supplement your main lifts with some extra core strengthening exercises? Want a safe way to do so without provoking low back pain.
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