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woman holding jaw in pain

TMJ Disorder

Acute injuries are common in sports and exercise, and are often traumatic in nature. Successful treatment depends on many factors.
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someone holding their foot

Acute Injury Management

Acute injuries are common in sports and exercise, and are often traumatic in nature. Successful treatment depends on many factors.
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person holding their knee

ACL Injuries

Traumatic knee injuries are very common in sports that involve pivoting. Serious knee injuries involve the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
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physiotherapist demonstrating pickleball warm up exercise

Racquet Sport Warm-up

Warm-up exercises for pickleball, tennis, badminton, squash table tennis and all other racquet sport athletes! Warm up that upper body.
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soccer photo from waist down with player in red shorts dribbling a ball

Dynamic Warm-up for Soccer

Dynamic Warm-upfor Soccer Players and Athletes Soccer Dynamic Warm-up prepared by: Anna Leuenberger, 4th Year Kinesiology, University of Waterloo Dynamic warm-ups are used to help ...
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Headaches With Eye Movement?

Are you experiencing headaches with things like reading or computer tasks? It might be because of small muscles in your neck? Check out this quick ...
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The Power of Strengthening

This patient came in with a painful and disturbing clunking sensation while reaching overhead. With his consistency you can see his progress through his injury ...
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You Don’t Need to Have Pain to Come to Physio

Many people don’t realize that they can come in BEFORE they have pain. You don't have to wait until the pain effects your quality of ...
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Back, Knee or Shoulder Pain Through Your Golf Swing?

Are you experiencing back, knee or shoulder pain through your golf swing? It could be due to compensation from a lack of hip mobility. Registered ...
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Low Back Pain?

Dealing with low back pain? Improving mobility and strength can play a major factor in pain reduction. Registered Physiotherapist Sasha Guay demonstrated exercises and drills ...
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Tired of Your Regular Core Routine?

Tired of your regular core routine? Sasha Guay has some great core exercises that you need to try!
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Dealing With Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain (burning, tingling, numbness, etc) down the back of your leg can be due to altered neurodynamics of the sciatic nerve. Sasha Guay shows ...
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Do You Find It Difficult To Sit Up?

Are you having trouble sitting up? It could be your neck muscles deep in your neck have poor endurance and strength. Registered Physiotherapist Sasha Guay ...
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The KEY to Good Neck Posture

Many of us have heard of forward head posture. and have tried "neck stretches" to reduce our pain to no avail, or with only short ...
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How’s your pull up game??

Struggling to do a pull up? Check out these pull up progressions that you can do to help you improve your pull up game!
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