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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help athletes and active individuals achieve their sports and exercise goals. We are committed to providing the best sports medicine services possible, with a compassionate and caring attitude. By focusing on the identification, treatment and prevention of exercise-related injuries and conditions, our multi-disciplinary team of knowledgeable and certified professionals enables our clients to succeed. Our ultimate priority is to help our clients fulfill their active lifestyle pursuits.


  • Excellence – in the delivery of our services, our mentorship of team members and our pursuit for higher learning
  • Leadership – our commitment to innovation and continuous learning at all levels of our organization
  • Dedication – to our clients, their specific athletic, sport or activity pursuits and their desire to live healthy, active lifestyles
  • Teamwork – collegial atmosphere and effective communication between staff, professionals and the client
  • Community Partner – dedication to our team to use their skills and abilities to make valuable contributions to the community

The GRSM Philosophy

The professionals at GRSM are committed to providing specialized care for you – active individual. Our commitment includes:

  • Sport- or activity-specific assessment and treatment for you, whether you are a high performance athlete or a recreational athlete.
  • Active and hands-on rehabilitation, geared toward your sport or exercise.
  • Management of exercise-related problems, such as exercise-induced asthma and the Female Athlete Triad
  • Comprehensive, “whole body” care that can includes biomechanical, nutritional and psychological aspects of exercise.
  • Managing related conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Prevention of sports injuries through individual counseling sessions, specific training techniques and community educational programs.


GRSM is locally owned and operated.

The owners of GRSM, Gillian Lyttle, Michelle Bogias and Dr. Trevor Hall, all live in the Cambridge/KW area and are proud to offer comprehensive sports medicine and therapy care to the local community.  They are excited to use their expertise, experience and enthusiasm to assist you in your pursuit of your sports and exercise goals.
“First of all, find the cause.” — Arthur Newton (1935)
“Treat the reason, not the result. Treat the cause, not the effect.” — Dr. George Sheehan (1978)

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