Sports Medicine Physician

Physicians at GRSM specialize in sports medicine and are certified with the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine (CASM) . Our physicians provide expert medical care for both high performance athletes, recreational athletes and active individuals. GRSM sports medicine physicians specialize in:

  • assessing and treatment of athletic injuries
  • managing of exercise-related medical problems (e.g. exercise induced asthma)
  • exercise counselling for a healthy lifestyle
  • preventing athletic injuries and medical problems

Physician visits are covered by OHIP. You must present a valid health card at each visit.

Please note that a referral from a Physician/Medical Doctor is required to book an appointment with the Sports Medicine Physician. The Sports Medicine Physician does not see injuries related to WSIB or motor vehicle accidents.

“If athletes were given less care and more thought, the doctors might come up with some original ideas on why illness persists, why injury doesn’t clear up. If more non-physicians – podiatrists and physiotherapists, for instance – could be induced to lend their ideas and talents, we might see a completely new approach to sports medicine.”

— Dr. George Sheehan (1975), long distance runner and one of the world’s first sports medicine physicians