Sport Concussions Program

Grand River Sports Medicine Centre (GRSM) is committed to providing an efficient and comprehensive assessment and treatment of sport concussions in the high standard of care that GRSM is renowned for.


Features of the GRSM Sport Concussion Program include:

  • Individualized to the athlete, with the goal of returning to sport as safely and quickly as possible.


  • By health care professionals with focused interest, training and experiencein concussion management:
    • Sports Medicine Physicians
    • Physiotherapists
    • Athletic Therapist
    • Sports Chiropractor


  • With concussion-specific tools(baseline and post-injury testing):
    • Medical concussion assessment by physician
    • SCAT-3 symptoms assessment
    • BESS balance/proprioceptive assessment
    • ImPACT computerized neurocognitive testing
    • With concussion-specific treatment and preventionstrategies:
      • Concussion education for athletes and parents
      • Therapy to treat neck and musculoskeletal pain related to concussions
      • Sub-system threshold cardiovascular training
      • Neck, postural and core strengthening
      • Balance, vestibular, and vision retraining
      • Return-to-play programming and exercise progression
      • Sport-specific concussion awareness and prevention
      • Equipment review

**Please note that all concussion patients require referral from a physician  to see the sports medicine physician as part of this program

Concussion Guidelines Brochure