Osteoarthritis Centre of Excellence


To help people achieve their exercise and lifestyle goals when faced with knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA), by using a multidisciplinary team of certified professionals to provide comprehensive, leading-edge, high quality and efficient medical care with an individualized and compassionate attitude.

How do I know if OACE can help me?

You will benefit from OACE if you:
• Have knee or hip osteoarthritis
• Are interested in a comprehensive approach to decrease your pain, and to improve your mobility/activities
• Wish to maximize treatment of your OA prior to considering surgery

What benefits will I get from using OACE?

• Review of your medical history, nutritional status and lifestyle in relation to your knee/hip OA
• Questionnaires to help determine what treatment would be best for you
• Access to leading-edge treatment options
• Opportunity for face-to-face discussions with qualified professionals who will discuss your particular situation and develop an individualized treatment action plan
• Learning ways to help yourself without medication such as exercise/strengthening programs
• Up-to-date educational material and resources
• Thorough follow-up from OACE professionals to better ensure success

 Who will be treating me?

Sports Medicine Physician with special interest in OA treatment:
• Physician education focused on developing an individualized treatment plan.
•Assessment including: review of medical history, physical examination, review of lifestyle and nutrition states in relation to OA

 Depending on your individualized OA treatment your treatment may involve:
• Registered Physiotherapist
• Orthopedic Bracing Specialist
• Dietician
• Athletic Therapist


Please see your family physician who will ensure you do not have other forms of arthritis (other than OA). Your family physician can then refer you to OACE for an appointment.

Program Fees

No fee for physician assessment and physician education. Private insurance or benefits plans often cover other services or treatment options.

What  OA services are available?

The following services will be offered based on your individual OA needs:

• Written and on-line educational resources
• One-on-one education and counseling
• Medication and supplement prescription
• Injections ( e.g., corticosteroid, viscosupplementation)
• Exercise counseling
• Strengthening program design
• Physiotherapy treatment
• Weight loss programming
• Nutritional advice
• OA unloader bracing
• Thorough follow-up to improve chances of success

How do I obtain further information about OACE?

You may contact us  by:
Email: oace@grsm.ca
Phone: 519-622-4529 (Cambridge) or 519-571-7111 (Kitchener)

Or download one of brochures or articles:

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